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Prices for languages services vary depending, for example, on the subject area, the level of difficulty, the deadline and the size of the assignment. A service requested on short notice will obviously incur a higher charge than one with a generous deadline; and a translation involving many formatting issues will clearly take longer than a straightforward text translation.

Prices for translations are normally calculated on a per word (1000 words) or line basis (in the target language), and prices for proof-reading on an hourly basis. For small assignments, Matter of Interpretation invoices a minimum fee. Interpreting assignments can have an hourly (police and court), half-daily or daily rate (conferences). It is assumed that the customer covers transport (including parking) and accommodation in association with an interpreting assignment.

Please bear in mind that every translation should be proof-read by someone other than the translator. Matter of Interpretation regularly works with other German proof-readers and so can easily organise that service on your behalf.

If you would like to get an idea about the costs involved for your project, we recommend you contact Elke Hockings to discuss your language needs personally: T: 0046 (0)31 451 449,

Matter of Interpretation will provide you with a free quote.

Matter of Interpretation offers a credit term of one month after date of invoice.

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