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The target language for all written translations is German (mother tongue). The source languages can be English or Swedish. In some instances (police and court documentation, contracts, music reviews, etc.), translations into English can be produced, for information only.

Matter of Interpretation specialises on the following areas:

Legal contracts, copyright assignments, court/police papers, testaments, patents, etc.
Music CD and programme notes, notes of the editor, lectures, musicians’ biographies, websites, etc.
Marketing company profiles, newsletters, promotional material, websites, advertisements, posters, etc.
General letters, CVs, information sheets, tourist brochures, cook books, etc.


For interpreting assignments, German is the A-language (mother tongue) and English the B-language. Interpreting assignments can range from simultaneous interpreting at conferences and language support for foreign guests at festivals and business meetings to appearances in court.

Interpreting techniques
  Simultaneous interpreting
  Consecutive interpreting
  Liaison interpreting
  Whispered interpreting

  Conferences, symposia
  Company, organisation or private meetings
  Guided tours
  Court, police, immigration authorities
  Interpreting over the phone or at video conferences, etc.
  Tape transcriptions


Proof-reading is available for German texts only.

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